105 Days Til Christmas KMart Commercial

With *only* 105 days left until Christmas, KMart just unleashed the first Christmas commercial of the 2013 holiday season! Seems a tad bit early, right? I mean, the kids JUST went back to school.

It just so happens that today, a few short hours before KMart’s Christmas commercial spewed across my television, I was walking through Boscovs seasonal department on my way to the children’s clothing section and sure enough, next to the clearance patio sets were shelves set up for Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, gift boxes and other holiday items. Not only were the shelves set up, but some were partially stocked as an employee was working busily to unbox packages of Christmas gift bows.

Check out the KMart Free Christmas Layaway commercial here…

I LOVE Christmas. I love Christmas as much as a little kid loves Christmas. I even admit, I already have about a third of my Christmas shopping done, but that’s because my daughter declared after an early March ski trip that she loves skiing and wants her own ski boots and snow skis for Christmas this year. She’s not one to change her mind on something like that so I took the opportunity to score a good deal on Ski equipment.

Anyway, as I was saying, I LOVE Christmas, but is September 9th a little early for Christmas commercials? What do you think?

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