Baltimore Mom on Joe Flacco Promoting McDonalds

Leaving my true feelings about Joe Flacco (of the Baltimore Ravens) as a “elite” quarterback out of this, I must say…I am not at all thrilled about the fact that he is promoting McDonald and their new Mighty Wings. If you have not seen the commercial yet, here it is:

Why do  not like that Joe Flacco is promoting one of the first things that people think of when they think about the obesity problem in America? I’ll tell you:

  • The NFL has been heavily promoting their Play 60 campaign which, as they say, is “The NFL movement for an active generation” that urges a commitment to health and fitness for children. The whole point of the NFL Play 60 campaign is to get kids up and moving for 60 minutes a day and to teach them to eat right. Joe Flacco (and Colin Kaepernick for that matter since he is in the commercial, as well) promoting McDonald’s newest unhealthy fried food is a sort of contradiction to the Play 60 campaign that the organization that pays them promotes. As a mother, I frown on this.
  • No, having McDonald’s now and then, every once in a while, as a treat or in a time crunch, isn’t going to make anyone overweight or obese, but there are way too many people that rely on fast food like McDonald’s as a regular basis meal. Some people even dine at the golden arches a couple (or more) times as week which is not good for the health.
  • Joe Flacco is already one of the highest paid Quarterbacks in the NFL with a $122 million contract. With that kind of payday, it’s not like he needs the money from the McDonalds’s Mighty Wings promotion to be able to support his family.

Someone challenged my last point about Joe Flacco already making enough money in his NFL contract and not needing the extra cash from the McDonald’s Mighty Wings commercial by pointing out that 2 out of 5 NFL players end up filing for bankruptcy in retirement. My response to that – that’s their own darn fault. There are millions of people out there that have made less than a million dollars in their entire lifetime that have never had to, and never will have to, file for bankruptcy. It’s all about managing your money responsibly and living within your means. Period. If you can’t afford it, then don’t do/get it.

These are just a few thoughts I threw together quickly. I will likely come back and add more or refine my thoughts later. But this is something that I feel strongly about. I love my Baltimore Ravens, but I am not a fan of their oh so wonderful and elite quarterback that so many children idolize promoting such an unhealthy food. That is just me of course. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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3 Responses to Baltimore Mom on Joe Flacco Promoting McDonalds

  1. Clips says:

    1) So who are you to say how much money is enough? Is that really where we want to go with this? You think he has to much money? Give me a break 120 million contract, after taxes and NFL fees, that’s just over 60 million.

    How many family members do you think he has to help out? How often do people hit him up for cash when they are in a bad spot?

    What happens if next week he gets hit, and ends up paralyzed for the rest of his life? Who is going pay for that care? Who is going take care of his family?

    2) McDonalds is such a good company. They employee thousands of people at a livable wage. They have great management programs, and promote from within. So many people I know have worked as managers and easily transitioned from McDonalds to other parts of the work force with great success after McDonalds paid for Education.

    McD’s also runs charities galore, they do Roland McDs house… which houses thousand of under priviledge kids every year. McDs helps with treatments right here in Baltimore at Kennedy Krieger and John Hopkins, inner city kids who without this money wouldn’t get the treatment.

    No where in the add does it say that people should eat at McD’s daily. I always wanted to go to McDs as a treat when I was a kid. If I won a soccer game, swim meet it was always Golden Archs time!

    Flacco is also big promoter of play60, and I think you can have your exercise and McDs and be perfectly fine. Blame the parents for excessive McDs not the player for endorsing a company which is just amazing in what they do with the community.

    My 2cents!

    • Mommy says:

      -”Just over 60 million.” There are so many people would LOVE to pull in just over 600 thousand, or heck, some would love to pull in just over 60 thousand over 6 years. And don’t even get me started about how my brother at times wears a helmet and gets shot at yet gets paid an embarrassing fraction of what pretty boys (be honest, most are) in helmets throwing a ball playing a GAME get paid. Twisted world we live in.
      -Family members Joe Flacco helps out and people that hit him up for money when in a tough spot…I certainly hope it’s only a one time thing and emergency type of situation…because unless someone has a permanent disability or something that legitimately prevents them from making their own money, he shouldn’t “HAVE” to help them out.
      -If a freak accident happens between Buffalo and Miami or a play in next week’s Ravens/Dolphins game goes horribly wrong for Joe Flacco and he ends up paralyzed for life as you suggest as an example…I have a good hunch that he has pretty good life and disability insurance through the NFL, and probably a separate policy independently as well, given the nature of his job. He and his family would more than likely be VERY well taken care of.
      McDonalds IS a pretty good company as far as how the company runs goes. BUT…Joe Flacco is not promoting the company or the good things they do in the commercials that he’s in. Instead, he’s promoting their new Mighty Wings. Fried food on a stick. and of course he had a big bag in his hand which implies he got a meal with fries and that drink in his hand in the commercial…most people would assume that’s a soda or sugary sweet tea. If he was on there promoting the healthier options McDonald’s has, I might have a different opinion on him doing the commercial. If he was on there promoting the Ronald McDonald house and how people can help and donate to it, then I would certainly be all for him promoting it.
      Role model promotes the good stuff about a company = GREAT.
      Role model promotes the fattening food a company produces = not cool.
      In MY opinion, anyway. But again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 😉

      I DO totally agree with you that McDonalds is fine for a treat now and then or as a quick meal when in a time crunch NOW AND THEN (I even said that in my original post), but the problem is that there are way too many people out there that rely on it as a regular basis type of thing – some as an OFTEN regular basis type of thing. THAT…is no good. And that leads to the problem where kids that idolize Joe Flacco see him eating it and it usually makes them want it even more because they want to be like Joe. Most kids want McDonald’s enough as it it, parents don’t need anything making them want it even more.

      • Clips says:

        If kids want to eat like him great~! They will eat healthy almost every day and then they would eat fast food 1 to 2 times a week at McDs cause that what Flacco does!!! Most pro athletes (Minus baseball players) are meticulous with the diet. (BRB going out to get some might wings… thanks!)

        You would be wrong, though about Flacco. NFL denies all liability from player accidents and they don’t cover as much as you would think. Players most of them don’t have individual policies as they are insanely expensive. Just look at hockey and the upcoming Olympics 2.2 BILLION dollars to insure the players for 2 weeks.

        I fail to see your anger with him taking an endorsement deal, however I do sympathies with your anger of the 5 interceptions he tossed this weekend!

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