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This morning I was snuggled up comfortably under the covers when I heard a little giggle at the foot of my bed. I rolled over to see that my daughter, Nikki, was awake…2 hours early. I won’t go into details about why she was up so early, but let’s just say that her diaper was the issue.

So that I could sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep I pulled Nikki into bed with me and turned on Blue’s Clues for her to watch. It satisfied her for a while until her belly started rumbling and she said, “Momma! My belly! It’s a monster!” and proceeded to ask to go downstairs for breakfast.

I needed to get up early anyway to take the car for an oil change so I guess it worked out that she woke up so early. So…I threw her in the car armed with a sippy cup of milk and a plastic baggie of Fruit Loops. Goodyear is just a mile away so we dropped the car off and strolled home. On the way we have to walk by the park and it was a beautiful morning so I asked Nikki if she wanted to go to the playground. “Oh, yippie! Yay! Yippie! YES!” was her response. Earlier than we normally go, but we were right there so…

When we got to the playground there was just one other mom with her little boy (who was slightly older than Nikki) there. I chatted with the mom a bit and we discussed how early it was to be in the park and she made a good point. The playground is shaded over by the trees early in the morning.

The woman and her son left but within ten minutes three other parents and their young kids all arrived at the playground as I was swinging Nikki in her favorite swing. Then it hit me! Early to mid morning is the best time to take Nikki to the playground! And for a number of reasons…

  1. There’s hardly anyone there, especially no older kids that are unsupervised and acting wild making it dangerous for a toddler to walk around.
  2. Nikki’s favorite swing has a much better chance at being available when there are so few people there.
  3. The whole playground really is shaded over for much of the morning.
  4. Being out and about helps me (who is NOT a morning person) wake up.
  5. When mid-summer comes it will surely be cooler in the morning. (Baltimore moms know Baltimore summers can be H-O-T)

So…as I was thinking about all of this, my mind wandered to how I have the website that I never have time to develop properly and how just might be a good idea to use part of the site as a Mom’s blog to start getting the site up and running a bit. And to share my experiences as a Mom in Baltimore.

And so… is born. 🙂

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