Book Review: The Trouble With Dragons

My daughter has her very first field trip tomorrow! It’s a walking trip to the local library and students that already have a library card and any books can take them back to be exchanged. My daughter has four library books to take back and among them was one that we had not yet read: The Trouble With Dragons. Of course, being a former teacher, I cannot let a book go back unread so we cuddled up on the cough together for an impromptu story time.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SAVE-THE-EARTH TYPE OF CHILDREN’S BOOK EVER! Yes, I felt a need to put that in all caps because I really DO love The Trouble With Dragons THAT much. I had no idea what the book was about when my daughter picked it out, nor did she. She just knows that dragons usually come with princesses so she picked it out thinking it would be a princess story. Well, it was ten times better than any princess story; we both agreed.


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