Bringing Sports Teams into Color Day at School

If you have a little one that is in preschool, prekindergarten or kindergarten, chances are that you will one day be asked to have your child dress in a certain color to celebrate a designated color’s day or week. Whatever you do, please don’t choose that day to try to make a statement about a sports team you love or hate.

I decided to write about the use of sports team gear in color days at school because I recently saw someone post on facebook that their child was asked to wear purple to school but, being football season, this mom sent her child to school in a Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey on Purple Day instead, to make a statement. If you know anything about east coast football, you are likely familiar with the rivalry that the Pittsburgh Steelers have with the east coast team that dons purple – the Baltimore Ravens. Sure, as a Steelers fan you would never ever be caught dead supporting the Baltimore Ravens or dressing your child to do so, but putting your child in something purple for Purple Day at school is in no way dissing your home team or supporting the Ravens. What you end up doing is making your child feel left out and potentially causing problems for the teacher if the child acts or refuses to participate since they feel left out. (Note that this applies to all teams and all colors, this is just an example).

Sure, your child may really lack clothing of the designated color of the day, but you do have options:

  • Get a plain colored tee for $5.00 or less from stores like WalMart, Target, Family Dollar, or sometimes even a dollar store like Dollar Tree.
  • Use construction paper and a safety pin to make a button to pin on your child that is the appropriate color to support color day.
  • Have an old article of clothing of yours or big sister’s (or brother’s) that is the correct color? You could cut it up and make something out of it – a bandana, a bracelet (yarn works for that, too!), or even a shirt that’s the right size if you have sewing skills and a sewing machine.
  • Dress your child in a white shirt and give them something to carry with them that is the color of the day. (I throw white out there as a good color to dress them in for this option because it is a good background for your child to hold their colored item up against).

When it comes down to it, whatever you do, plain and simple, help your child be involved in any way possible.

Do you have any other ideas of how your child could be included in Color Day even if they don’t have an article of clothing in the right color?

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