Christmas Presents from Parents to Kids – What do YOU do?

Do you give your child(ren) Christmas presents from you, the parent, in addition to the presents from Santa? If so, do you wrap Christmas presents that are from you as Mom and Dad ahead of time and put them under the tree before Christmas even comes? Or do you wait to put them out on Christmas Eve when the kiddos are sleeping and just put them out at the same time when you lay out the presents from Santa Claus?

This is a minor dilemma I have struggled with every year. I know some parents don’t give their children presents from them, as parents, but only from Santa but I always remember a story my mother told me of when we were younger and my brother asked her why she and Dad always give presents to everyone else but us kids. Sure Santa brings us presents, but he apparently thought that since Mom and Dad were giving people presents they shouldn’t forget about us kids, too. (Don’t go reading too much into that and spouting insults of greediness; he was a young, curious kid and that’s all).

108-001My mother first told that story to me when I had my baby girl so from year one I always made sure that there were a few presents under the tree from my boyfriend (who may as well be her Daddy) and me. When she was a baby and little toddler paddling around I thought nothing of wrapping the presents from us halfway through December and placing them around the tree with the present for other family members. She was young and didn’t know the difference then so it wasn’t tempting to her to go opening anything up or even ask to open anything. Last year was different though. Last year my little girl spotted her presents and asked a few times to open “just oooone.” I didn’t more info

let her open any until our tradition opening of one gift on Christmas Eve, then she got to open the rest on Christmas Day with Santa’s presents.

This year I am on the fence. I want to wrap the presents from us as parents to her and put them under the tree for a few reasons:

  • I want them out of my closet.
  • I like that she sees them there and has to learn to wait.
  • Presents under the tree make the tree look even more pretty and complete, in a way, in my opinion.

However, at the same time, I also kind of don’t want to put the presents from us to our little one under the tree yet because:

  • I don’t like having to move them every time I vacuum, which is often because we have two dogs and two cats.
  • While I like the lesson learned of having to wait for good things to come, I also feel that at this magical time of year she shouldn’t have to be “tortured;” the lessons can wait for another time.
  • The cats like to lay on the presents. I don’t think there is anything that can be ruined by being squished this year though so that may not be a big deal.

My math has the points for and against at three and three, a tie. I will probably get impatient and wrap them and put them out (because the whole thing about making the tree look even nicer and festive is a big one in my book) but I am curious as to what other parents do about parent-to-kid Christmas presents. So…

What do you do? Do you give parent-to-kid Christmas presents? Do you place them around the tree before Christmas? Do you wait until Christmas Eve while the children are nestled all snug in their beds before putting out ALL of the presents – parent and Santa – all at once? Do you only just do presents from Santa?

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