The Elf on the Shelf – Night 2

Today we had the very first snowfall of the Christmas/Winter season here in Maryland! It was a perfect day. We woke up and went to Brunch with Santa at the Engineers Club in Mount Vernon and while we were there…the snow started! It kept up for a few hours and left us with about 2 and a half inches to sled in, have snowball fights, and make snow angles. So it was only natural that Zoe, our Elf on the Shelf (she just received her name this morning after our daughter found her in our Christmas tree for the first time), made a “snow” angel in a cookie sheet filled with sugar. That naughty little Elf, I can’t believe she use my sugar! To top it off, she used miniature marshmallows as snowballs and larger campfire marshmallows, a sharpie, and the end of a wooden toothpick to build a snowman. photo 3(1)-001

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