Girly Checks: Every Mom Deserves Designer Checks – Cheap!

Many new moms feel run down, ragged, and overwhelmed but desire to be fashionable, hip and classy as much as possible. Understandably!
Even if you are a little behind on shaving your legs and updating your wardrobe because you, naturally, put all of your time and every spare dollar to use for your little bundle of joy, you can still “glam it up” in some ways! Getting designer checks at cheap prices, yes even cheaper than you can get at your bank, is a fun way to jazz things up for yourself.

CSY-55_400Did you know that your bank does NOT actually print your personal bank checks? No, really, they don’t! Banks contract out their personal check printing to a third party company. In fact, many banks even use the same exact check printing companies that our favorite online checks store,, uses! The only difference between buying checks from online suppliers and your bank is that you’ll save money and what new mom doesn’t love saving money?! We have found that buying personal bank checks – even designer personal bank checks like Disney checks, sports team checks, girly themed checks, mommy checks, family checks, kid themed checks, flower checks, and more – online costs only about a third of the price of ordering checks through your bank. FS3So what are you waiting for? Cheaper checks! CUTE checks! COOL Checks! Hip Checks! Stylish Checks! Did we mention CHEAP checks?! Checks printed and mailed to you from the same companies that many major banks use! Hot checks! (Even manly checks if you happen to be ordering for your boyfriend, partner, or hubby!) And did we mention the checks are CHEAP! Check out to order the perfect checks to fit your new mommy-but-still-glam personality!

By the way, if you are looking for the guys, you may also want to check out a couple other checks sites that we’ve found to be pretty awesome – and Or, if you happen to be a cat and/or dog lover, check out

5121-390-1Happy online checks shopping!

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