Government Shutdown and Facebook Comments

WOW! That’s the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning and read some of the posts and comments on facebook today about the U.S. Government shutting down. I have seen comments that cover every possible political viewpoint and extreme but the ones that I find bothersome are the comments and posts that say “so what,” “let me know when it effects me,” “I expected to wake up to the end of the world today but it turns out it’s just a regular day,” and “at least I’m working and getting paid!” Know matter what you think, or how you feel, about the actual politics of the situation itself…really??! “So what” to people not getting paid? “So what,” to families going without one or both incomes? SHAME ON YOU!

Maybe it’s just because of the proximity in which I live to Washington DC and NSA facilities but I don’t even have enough fingers to count how many people I know that are directly effected by the government shutdown and are not getting paid.  In some families, both the husband and wife are government employees so there will be no income in those families at all until the shutdown ends. Sure, ideally people have enough cash saved up to last a while covering all expenses in emergency situations, but look at the state of the economy, that obviously may not be possible for some people at the moment. I could name a lot of situations that are unforeseen that could cause people to not have much of an emergency fund at the moment, but I shouldn’t have to because that’s not the point. The point is…people have no clue when their next paycheck will come but their bills and mortgages and rent don’t stop.

Sure some of the government employees, the “essential” ones, will receive back pay when the shutdown comes to an end, but non-essential employees are not guaranteed back pay. Yes, they have received it in the past in similar situations, but the last big government shutdown was over 17 years ago and things have obviously changed so they cannot in any way count on the thought that they might get back pay when it’s all over. Even if they could, they still don’t know when that pay will come. HOPEFULLY all the hype will end up just being very short term and this will all be over in a day or two, but there is zero guarantee of that.

It is now October 1st – The holiday season is coming up! Yet you say “so what” to so many people not getting paid?! Please…have some compassion and stick to voicing and debating your political views so you don’t come across as heartless (to put it nicely).

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