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It’s back to school time! Woohoo!

As the kids are getting bored with being home for the summer and they are itching to see their classmates and also driving their parents a little crazy at the same time, many parents rejoice this time of year whenever they hear, see, or think of those three wonderful (in a parent’s eyes) words – Back to School! Soon the kids will be back into their usual routine of school, homework, play, bed, and repeat and parents can get back to their regularly scheduled program of life as well. But first…there is one little task that makes those words – Back to School – no so fun for parents and that is the dreaded back to school shopping. It’s often fun for kids to get new clothes and shoes and maybe it’s a little fun for parents who like to shop, but it’s not so fun for the purse or bank account. Back to school clothes and uniform shopping can be expensive!

School Uniform

Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Kohls, oh my!

The solution – do your back to school clothes and uniform shopping online! Target, WalMart, and Kohls, and Amazon have uniforms and other clothes online that they do not have in stores and they often have fabulous deals online as well. Sure, you can order your son or daughter’s school uniform through the school uniform supply company, but many uniform schools (especially public schools that require uniforms) will allow your child to wear uniform gear that is not purchased through the school as long as it is the proper color. By ordering through the school you’ll be paying uniform supply company prices, which are often pretty good prices, but there are better deals out there, not to mention the fact that shirts that come from uniform supply companies are usually not fitted for girls and many little girls want to LOOK girlie. If you check stores like WalMart, Amazon, Kohls, and Target from time to time, you can find some great shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts in the proper uniform colors (royal blue and khaki for my daughter’s school) at great prices. If you shop those same stores online, (,,, and you can find the right clothes and colors at great prices pretty much all the time.

Tip: Be sure to check the store websites for clearance deals! You can often find items that you loved last year, on clearance online this year.

Speaking from a recent personal experience when shopping for my daughter’s public school uniform, whether I shop store sales or Amazon, Kohl’s, Target’s, and WalMart’s every day low prices, I can usually find plenty of khaki shorts, skirts, skorts, pants, and solid colored shirts, tops, and sweaters and I end up spending about half the amount of money that I would if I ordered them through the school’s uniform supply company. I’m often lucky and snag things on sales or on clearance. For example, my daughter fell in love with a certain royal blue sweater with a lace bow on the collar and she has outgrown it of course so can no longer wear it. Well…just today it occurred to me to check for the sweater at Target’s online store ( and sure enough, there is the same royal blue sweater with the lace bow on the collar – and it’s half price! With that deal I bought two of the sweaters in the size for this year and two in the size for next year! I also found French Toast Uniform shirts in the perfect royal blue color that we need and they even have a feminine fit polo shirt for girls that is perfected with a picot collar and buttons shaped like flowers. You can’t get much more girlie than that!


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