Sunscreen With Insect Repellent

Having a problem with bugs biting your child outside and you don’t know whether to use sunscreen or insect/bug repellent? Well I am haveing that same problem! My duaghter loves playing outside. There is not much we can do to keep her indoors during the summer’s beautiful weather, and she should’t be stuck indoors anyway! The problem is…this year the bugs outside are worse than ever! She has gotten dozens and dozens of mosquito bites. Hers, however, sometimes swell up. The area around the bite is often twice the size it should be and it turns red or purple, and boy does it seem to itch her! I have tried to use sunscreen then spray insect/bug spray on top, but as soon as she goes in the pool or the sprinkler, it washes right off, and she gets bitten. Darn, mosquitos! So…I went in search of a sunscreen and insect/bug repellent mix that would be just right for my happy, nature loving toddler.

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