The Elf on The Shelf 2013 – Night 3

Tonight, December 9th, Zoe the Elf is teaching Nikki a little lesson while also doing one of Nikki’s favorite things and showing her a little bit of love at the same time.

Nikki loves anything artsy. She made a picture for Zoe today that she planned on leaving for Zoe to find tonight, but…she made a little mistake when writing on the picture. Nikki likes to be a bit of a perfectionist (she gets it honestly) so she was upset about the minor mistake and nixed the whole idea, hiding the picture away in a book in her art box. She forgot that the Elf on the Shelf sees everything, though, and tonight Zoe found the picture then she made a picture for Nikki and left a note with it to remind Nikki of a few things:

  1. When giving a gift or making something for someone it’s the thought that counts.
  2. The Elf is always watching and sees EVERYTHING.
  3. A couple of general reminders – to rest when tired instead of getting cranky and to always use good manners when eating.
  4. She loves Nikki no matter what. 🙂

photo 1-001photo 2-001

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