The Elf on the Shelf – Night 6

This evening we spent an hour or so working on a Christmas craft that my daughter wants to make for some friends and family members – sock snowmen. Yep, sock snowmen! You stuff white socks with rice, tie off the top their two or three sections with ribbon, dress them with other decorative socks that have been cut apart, stick half of an orange toothpick in the middle of the face as a nose, and use a Sharpie marker to draw on eyes. (You can add on buttons and other little accessories with hot glue but being that Nikki is only five years old we’re keeping it simple).

Anyway, the little one has five of our sock snowmen made so far and they are all lined up in a cute way on one of her toy storage shelves so…Zoe, our Elf on the Shelf, decided to hang out with the snowmen for tonight and tomorrow. 🙂


Coming up with these Elf on the Shelf ideas is SO much fun! Oh yeah…and I found another place that Elf on teh Shelf can be purchased today – Barnes & Noble book stores.

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