The Elf on the Shelf – Night 8

News to me, but apparently out in stores since 2001, is the DVD that can accompany the Elf on A Shelf. The DVD is sold in stores where the Elves are sold as well as online at,, and more. We bought An Elf’s Story shortly after we bought our Elf on the Shelf and we put the DVD away for a night when we knew we could take it easy the next morning and didn’t have anywhere to go. That was finally this morning!

Tonight night Zoe, our Elf on the Shelf flew back to the North Pole and brought the An Elf’s Story DVD back with her. Zoe even took the DVD and put it in our PlayStation 3 so it was all set up and ready to go in the morning as soon as Nikki got up and discovered the surprise. Zoe grabbed the PlayStation 3 controller and sat it in her lap with a note that read, “Play me Nikki” So Nikki will know to turn the controller on and press play to see the surprise.

041For those of you that don’t know, An Elf’s Story is about a little Elf names Chippey that is given a special job by Santa Claus himself to go to the home of a boy who isn’t sure if he believes in Santa anymore or not. Chippey is charged with the special task of making the boy a believer and when the boy teases his sisters and ends up accidentally touching Chippey, taking his Christmas magic away, well…we don’t want to give it all away. You’ll have to get the movie to check it out for yourself. Your little Elf lovers will love it!

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