The Real Moms of the Ballet Class Waiting Room: A Nightmare in Reality

Welcome to my nightmare – Thursday afternoon ballet class for my 3 year old. No no, the class isn’t a nightmare, in fact, she LOVES ballet. The nightmare of it is the waiting room where all of the parents have to wait for their children until class is over. And of course, with many of the parents comes other kids; it seems to be an average of three kids per parent. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids – kids that behave that is. And no, I don’t blame poor behavior on the young kids here, I blame it on their mothers who don’t pay attention to them and don’t teach them right from wrong. Read on to see the random thoughts that go through my head as I am shocked, appalled, and astonished at the lack of attention and the behavior of the parents here…

And so it begins…One of the usual criers is clinging to her Mom’s leg as the Mom is ushering her into ballet class. Hey…I have an idea…how about this…if your child cries most of the time that you bring her here, wait until she’s a year older then try ballet class again when she’s older and more mature! Oh…and before I even sat down after sending my child into class…the 18 month old made a beeline right for my phone and her mother did nothing AGAIN and I had to stop her myself AGAIN. (Background note: last week the little tot actually picked up my phone and ran across the room with it. Mom did nothing then but laugh and think it’s cute. I had to go get the phone from the child myself while all the mothers talked about how cute it was that she randomly picked up somebody’s phone to play with).

As I sit here minding my business and working, the 18 month old proceeds to invade my personal space bubble to the point that she is leaning on my leg, peering her head as far as she can around my laptop lid to see my screen. Her sister, who is also sitting way too close for comfort, says “oh she loves to push buttons,” as the toddler reaches for, go figure, what happens to be the delete button. I said, “that’s good that she’s curious but I can’t have her pushing any buttons on here,” and then the sister proceeds to pull the toddler up on her lap so she can see my screen better and have closer access to the buttons. Where is the mom you say? She’s sitting across the room engaged in conversation with another parent who also pays so attention to her child.

Within the first 15 minutes I had my leg felt up, my shin kicked, and my toes stepped on numerous times by kids 7 years old and under. No, it’s not crowded in here…they apparently just have never been taught manners to walk around people instead of on them.

A little girl came out of Nikki’s class looking for her mother and low and behold…her mother isn’t here. Another mother recognized the little FOUR year old and told her that her mommy stepped out for a few minutes and talked her into going back into class. 10 minutes after the poor girl went back into class…the mother and her other kids return with Chic-Fil-A in their hands! Now mind you, there is a NO food or drinks rule in the waiting room, AND Chic-Fil-A is at least a 5 minute drive away! Then I realized, that mother has been gone for about 20 minutes. She left her FOUR year old here alone for 20 minutes! No, this is not the type of school where the dance instructors are responsible for the whereabouts of your children. You are not supposed to leave the building unless your child is old enough to be here alone. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a FOUR year (oh, hey, my toes were just stepped on again) should be left alone!

Toddler’s big sister (about 6 years old maybe) was just pulling on papers on the bulletin board and pulled something off. Instead of picking it up, she went over and told her mother. Her mother simply pointed to where it was…and then allowed another parent to get up and pin it back up. Are you kidding me?! The other mother was no closer and wasn’t standing already. It was no more convenient for her to get up to pin it up than it would have been for the child’s own mother to do so…

So now there’s a boy that’s about 6 years old throwing a fit, crying, and pounding on the couch because his mother is letting another child there share the iPad with him. And the mother is allowing this behavior. Really?

MAN, I couldn’t wait for this class to be over! I couldn’t wait for it to be over every week as this is how it was with these moms EVERY week. Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW I’m not the perfect parent, but I would never allow my child to partake in these types of behaviors. And again, it’s not the kids’ fault…



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